Protokoll converter for kommunikasjon mellom kontrollere. EchoChange

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Protocol Converter for Data Exchange Between Different Controllers
echochange is an Ethernet gateway for connecting different Ethernet networks and devices from different manufacturers. The protocol converter supports the Ethernet TCP/IP protocols of leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric, thus creating the connection between devices and networks for which data exchange has previously not been easily possible. With echochange, a SIMATIC S5 with a SIMATIC S7 controller or a Siemens PLC with a Rockwell Automation PLC can be connected, for example.

The gateway can be configured locally or remotely. The supplied NetCon configuration software offers many individualization and diagnostic options at protocol level.

As basic functionality, ten connections to PLCs as well as all available protocol drivers can be used. An extension license supports up to 30 PLC connections.

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Produktnr: GPL-YY-142101 Kategori:
Leveradørens varenummer: EchoChange


Protocol Conversion for Data Exchange between Multi-Vendor Automation Systems
Integration of robust control technology without having to adjust control software
Combination of separate networks with different media via configured connections
Connection of physically separate networks with different media or heterogeneous networks with identical medium
Connection of data from different control systems via allocation tables
Bi-directional conversion and writing of PLC data via configured connections
Analysis of device functionality and extensive Ethernet diagnostics
Support of Multiple Industrial Standard Protocols
Support of TCP, UDP, IP, ISO (H1), ISO on TCP (RFC1006), PLC Header, EtherNet/IP Ethernet protocols
Linking of computers with TCP/IP to ISO (H1) networks
Remote maintenance of ISO (H1) networked controllers via TCP/IP
Routing support for controllers
Investment Protection and IT Maintenance Cost Reduction
Standard component for extending functionality without modifying existing systems
Very easy configuration through straight-forward project import without requiring control modifications and programming skills
Remote configuration and diagnosis via remote maintenance if required
No need for additional PC with software updates and additional administration
Working for years once configured – untouched, without updates, and with zero maintenance costs
Supporting plug-and-go replacement if required based on configuration data stored on SD card


Softing Industrial Automation GmbH