DS-205 B, Diff.trykkvakt for luft 50-500Pa, Mekanisk

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PREMASREG® Diffe­rential pressure switch / diffe­rential pressure controller PREMASREG® DS 2, DS2 with mounting ring

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Leveradørens varenummer: 1302-4022-0000-000


The mechanical differential pressure switch ⁄ differential pressure monitor PREMASREG® DS-2 with 4-hole plastic base ring, is used for monitoring above-atmospheric, differential and below-atmospheric pressure of clean air, gaseous, non-aggressive media in air ducts, air intake or exhaust devices. As a flow monitor, differential pressure governor, pressure controller for flow monitoring at electric heating registers as well as for monitoring V-belts and filters, as air pressure deficiency protection for monitoring ventilators, dampers, or as a limit value controller. Switchpoint adjustment is done internally using the internal precision scale. These instruments are factory-calibrated.

The DS-2 differential pressure sensor is supplied including the ASD-06 connection set (2 m connection hose, two pressure connection nipples, screws).


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