7111-I DISPLAY, Diff.Trykktransmitter med display for luft, 4-20mA Multirange

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Leveradørens varenummer: 1301-7112-4010-100


The calibratable, compact pressure sensors PREMASGARD® 711x (series) are equipped with eight switchable measuring ranges and with or without optional display (eight devices in one) and are used for measuring above-atmospheric, below-atmospheric, or differential pressures in air. The piezoresistive measuring element is temperature-compensated and guarantees a high degree of reliability and accuracy. The pressure transmitters feature a pushbutton for manual zero point calibration or an automatic zero point calibration function as well as an adjustable offset.

Applications of these pressure sensors are in clean rooms; medical and filter technology; ventilation and air conditioning ducts; in spray booths; large-scale catering facilities; for monitoring filters; level measurement; or for triggering frequency converters. Media measured with these pressure transducers are air (non-precipitating), or other gaseous non-aggressive, non-combustible media. The pressure sensor has eight selectable measuring ranges and therefore, minimizes the diversity of types and inventory levels while covering a greater range of applications. The differential pressure sensor is supplied including the ASD-06 connection set (2 m connection hose, two pressure connection nipples, screws).


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