TF65 PT1000 200MM Tempføler,Passiv,Quick-locking skruer

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Leveradørens varenummer: 1101-7020-5041-000


THERMASGARD® TF 43 is a resistance thermometer with passive output, with an enclosure made of impact-resistant plastic, an enclosure cover with a snap-on lid, and a straight protective tube.

THERMASGARD® TF 65 Is a resistance thermometer with a passive output, an impact-resistant plastic enclosure, an enclosure cover with quick-locking screws and a straight protective tube. Patent No. DE 10 2012 017 500.0

The built-in temperature sensor / immersion temperature sensor are electrical contact thermometers, which measure the temperatures in fluids and gases and can be installed e.g. in piping systems and containers. Use stainless steel immersion sleeves for aggressive media. The temperature sensors are used e.g. in piping systems in heating engineering, in storage systems, compact district heating stations, warm and cold water systems, oil and lubrication cycle systems in mechanical engineering, apparatus engineering, plant engineering and the entire industry sector.


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