ATF2 PT1000, Tempføler ute PT1000 med ekstern sensor.

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Produktnummer: 140018 Kategori:
Leveradørens varenummer: 1101-1050-5001-000


Outside wall resistance thermometer ⁄ weather sensor THERMASGARD® ATF 2 (external sensor) with passive output, with enclosure made of impact-resistant plastic and quick-locking screws.

It is used to measure outside temperatures, temperatures in wet rooms e.g. as an outdoor sensor, weather sensor for installation on outside walls, in cold storage buildings and greenhouses, in halls, in the industrial sector and in agriculture. In outdoor areas, the temperature sensor is installed preferably at the north side of a building or in a protected place.

In case of direct sun irradiation, the sunshade and ball game protection WS 01 (accessories) or the device variant with the installed sunshade SS 02 (available on request) must be used.


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