RFTF-MODBUS, Temp og fuktsensor for rom, Modbus

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Leveradørens varenummer: 1201-42B6-6000-000


Quality product for HVAC sector, accuracy ± 2 %. The calibratable room sensor HYGRASGARD® RFTF – Modbus with Modbus connection, with ⁄ without optional display in an elegant enclosure (Baldur 2). It is used to measure the relative humidity and the temperature of the room air. These measurands are used to calculate various parameters internally. The Modbus can be used to retrieve the following parameters: relative humidity [% r.H.], absolute humidity [g ⁄ m³], mixture ratio [g ⁄ kg], dew-point temperature [°C], enthalpy [kJ ⁄ kg] (ignoring atmospheric air pressure) and room temperature [°C].


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